Friday, November 14, 2014

Fairy World Part 11 (NaNoWriMo 2014)

And here you go, a bit more than 2500 words written today. I haven't reached the half way mark yet, but I'm getting close. I might even get there tomorrow, come on, cheer on me. lol.
On the top of NaNo I'm getting a lot of sewing project done which is why the post are often really late in the day (it's 3am in Japan right now). Anyway, that's just to say, don't let NaNo stop your life but get those words done!

Today's part is kind of mad too, I went back to the white queen fairy then I added up to the part with Ezechiel, I just wanted to explain a lot more about what's going on in the Fairy World from the "villain" point of view. I have read so many book where the villain is just that a villain and you don't have a clue about his motivation, I don't want to write that sort of book so my villains get some development of their own making them more "human" hum. Then I wanted to get Ezechiel in trouble because he really deserves it and it's time the angel take their eyes on him. And no, Samuel is not a new character, he is the guy who told Isakael to follow the fairy power in Blue Angel. I'm thinking more and more that I might just link the two for a very big book. We'll see.

I added the little part about Ezechiel you got yesterday to make it easier to follow, at least I hope.
Don't forget to enlarge this document in a new window for a better reading experience.

And here is my cursor, it's still moving!

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