Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Taster 13: Rainbow Catcher

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We are still with Marcus and it seems that Gena has a problem with Jason riding the bike, oops. Last week we finished with Marcus introducing the "moon catcher" to Jason, now he continues his explanation.

First, when you left the bike alone, even for a few seconds, you remove it, it’s the only way to make sure the bike won’t get stolen. The bike will start without it, but it won’t go far. If anyone tries to break into the key lock without the moon catcher. Second, you have to clean it really often. The desert sand would be the end of it, there are twenty spikes. You need to make sure they all go out properly at the slightest pressure of those corners,” Markus said, pressing and letting go of the moon catcher’s corners making the spikes appear and disappear several times. “If they don’t, you’ll lose half of the power.”
Jason took the moon catcher in his hand carefully, the spikes were leaking with red oil and he wondered where it was coming from. He counted the twenty of them before looking at the second piece in Markus’ hands.
It was a small white transparent crystal.
This is the moon catcher’s support in energy. You can’t take the moon catcher out without taking it out. The moon catcher takes its full power from it. Basically, any crystal of good size would do, but the purest quartz, the better. Now watch!”

Gena approached to look at them, still a nasty look on her face. Markus took the moon catcher back and the spikes went back in. He placed the crystal between the corner inside the croissant, nothing seemed to be willing to happen, the crystal seemed a bit small to fit in properly. Markus pressed on the corners, pulling them down toward the crystal and the crystal light up as the spike went out. The crystal seemed to be levitating and rotating inside the moon catcher. Jason couldn’t believe his eyes, he had never seen such a thing on any bike before and he had been cleaning pieces for two years.
You place it back here,” Markus said, pushing the moon catcher inside the motor. As he left it there, the light disappeared with the spikes.
It needs heat to shine, even a small amount like body temperature is enough, that’s why this part of the bike stays really cool when the bike is turned off and why the temperature decrease really fast after a ride so that you can remove the moon catcher without fear of burning your hands,” Markus explained.
Jason had always wondered why bikes’ pieces were always so small. They broke easily and needed to be replaced. He didn’t understand how something so small could be so important, but seeing the light coming out of the crystal he had no doubt that the moon catcher was something really special.
I’ll take good care of it,” he said.
I trust you on that,” Markus said removing the old oil from the rest of the motor. “Let’s finish, you’ll eat and sleep here and go tomorrow morning, I need to see how you ride and I can’t do it at night.”
Don’t count on me to make you diner,” Gena said, she was still looking passably angry.

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  1. Great taster. That moon catcher is all powerful. I hope it's taken care of

  2. great excerpt. Love the imagination in all this pieces and bits.

  3. Good for Gena! Why should they expect her to cook dinner for these guys playing around with a bike? This is so clever, you almost speed by me, but I catch up. Let's go get that purple rainbow tomorrow morning!!

  4. The explanation of the crystal, and the bike for the rainbow catcher appears to be a complex combination that Jason must protect and keep maintained. I need to know if he keeps gthe bike in tact gto catch gthe rainbow. It took me several times to read the complexity here which Jason must adhere to.