Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hump Day Hook 32

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Welcome to a new Wednesday Hump Day Hook!
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But first, here is a little part of my parallel world travel story which doesn't have a real title yet, so let's call it "Parallel slip". It's a little rough and unedited as the first draft isn't finished yet. I hope you won't get too confused. 

I'll go to university," I said.
"No, you won't, not until you agree to my terms, you do that two year degree, my company already agreed to let me work from home for the time of your study so that I can go live with you," she said. "Doesn't what happened today teach you something?"  
"Blacking out is usual for me. What are you going to do? Going to class with me? Going to the cafeteria with me at lunch time? Maybe you want to go pee with me too? I can black out in the toilet, it never happened before, but who knows," I said. I wondered how she couldn't see how ridiculous she sounded. 
"You're just like your father, I can't understand you, there is no way to get some sense into your head. He was..." 
"Don't talk about my dad, I don't want to hear it," I said. 
"Well, you'll have to hear it anyway," she said. 
I walked out of the room, there was no way to talk to her, not in that state, not ever.
"Frederique, where do you think you are going? This conversation is not over," she said following me.

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  1. Would love to know what happens next, sounds intriguing. Toya

  2. Sounds good, would love to know what happens next. Toya