Friday, August 15, 2014

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart part 20

So last week I told you I was sick, well guess what, this week, I'm sick again: throat inflammation, red, white and all the color in between. It really starts to look like the Friday post is becoming my catastrophic health diary. Maybe I should start writing about a girl who is sick all the time and... Wait a minute, that would be the last draft I was writing about with the girl who keeps on fainting leading her to travel to parallel universe. Except that she would maintain that nothing is wrong with her and that I only have super crazy dreams. Last night I dreamed about spiders, super huge spiders climbing up the wall, then one fell and I somehow smashed it, but it didn't die and just transformed into a girl and then I woke up in a rush thinking I was going to be late for work except that I didn't need to go to work. Story of my life. Are you bored yet? 

Anyway, few people took the opportunity to read Harajuku Kiss last week, so I'm renewing the offer. It's here on Goodreads, go ahead! Click, click, click
If you want any other of my books in exchange for a review... You can also send a message to and we'll talk about it. Don't forget to mention your favorite format.

Anyway, we still have our vampire story to continue... A lot of things are happening in today's part. I hope you'll enjoy. 

The word count for the moment:

Here is today's part. Enjoy! (Don't forget to Enlarge this document in a new window for a better reading experience.)

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