Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Taster 5: Rainbow Catcher

Hello and Welcome to Thursday Taster again. Talented writers from all over the blogosphere gather together to give readers tasty parts of their work in progress, you can find the list here

As I'm currently working on the edits of Rainbow Catcher, that's the project I will be presenting until it is ready. Thank you for all the comments on last week's taster, I really appreciate. Today, we continue right where we left off last week. Let's meet Markus. As it's under editing, if you see anything funny, hit me on the head in the comments. 

Jason took a deep breath, he needed to stay confident. She was all he had. He walked away trying to convince himself that everything would be alright. He needed to gather the money tonight and to clean the house to make it welcoming for Clarissa. But first he needed to go to work. He had been working at night in a garage. He didn’t know anything about motorbikes so he was just cleaning the motors’s pieces. He needed to remove the oil and to put them to dry. It was highly boring, but it was still money and if he managed to finish the pack they would use the next day before the end of the night, he would have extra money. 
Hey kid, how was the little one today?” Markus said as Jason entered the garage. 
It was the usual greeting, wondering about Clarissa. Markus was a tall and strong build man and his dark mustache was hiding his mouth as he spoke.
Could be better, she has been coughing blood again,” Jason answered.
You still pretended not to notice,” Markus said.
Of course,” Jason said as if it was obvious.
Markus started to laugh even though Jason could see the worry on his face. He had the kind of deep laugh coming from the bottom of his chest.
She’ll be alright, if she is still playing that game, she’ll be alright.”
He handed the pack for tonight’s pieces to Jason, who bent under the weight, making Markus laugh even more.
Still not ready to be a mechanics.”
It was his usual joke, letting Jason take the heavy box before bringing it himself to the table. Jason had sworn that someday he would surprise him by being able to carry it, but that day seemed still far away.
You’ll have the rainbow tomorrow, right?” Markus said.
Yes,” Jason answered, taking his usual seat.
You know, that kind of people, they are not to be trusted. I don’t mean that things will go wrong, but that kind of people…” Markus started.
I know,” Jason answered, sighting and taking his first piece of motor and a clean handkerchief on the pill. The handkerchiefs never stayed clean too long. They already had this conversation several times before. Markus had gone mad when Jason first told him he was going to use the black market, but seeing the hopelessness of the situation and Clarissa’s health degrading more and more rapidly he realized quickly that Jason had no other choices.
I’ll be there, for the delivery, just in case,” Markus said.
It’s at two o’clock in Clarissa’s room,” Jason said.

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  1. all sorts of possibilities for things to go wrong. I enjoyed their dialogue in this section- it flowed smoothly.

  2. I enjoyed the movement of this story. I believe it was well written. I would like to read more of this tale at some point. Thank you for sharing

  3. I hope Clarissa improves. Full marks to Jason for doing what he can to gather money. Great taster