Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursady Cinema: Godzilla

Welcome to a new Thursday Cinema. The sequel to the girl with the dragon tattoo will be coming soon in Thrusday cinema but instead, today I'm going to be telling you about Godzilla, because it's a new movie based on an old story and the last movie I watched.
Story: There was some trouble at the Janjira power plant in Japan leading to people dying and other evacuated. One of the engineers, who was there at the time, can't get over the death of his wife and spend the last 15 years studying the "problem" and he is sure that it will happen again, like just now. And he is basically right. But the character we actually follow through the story is his son who, after trying to get his father out of Japanese prison for trespassing, tries to get back home to his family in the middle of chaos created by nuclear monsters, the MUTOS. At the same time, the militaries are trying to kill the MUTOs but something as much terrifying is awakened: Godzilla. 

My feelings: This movie was ok. But there are a lot of things about it that annoyed me quite a bit. I can't really talk about them without spoilers, so if you didn't watch the movie yet and intend to watch it read no further. 
The first thing that annoyed me was that nobody actually listens to the only people who actually understand what is going on.  The reason for that: "you give me no guaranty and I have some lifes to save." Hum, ok, but whatever that guy did failed and only managed to have some military die. But that leads to almost no scientific explanation of what is going on what so ever. There was a great Japanese actor playing the scientist, maybe they should have used him a lot more.
Then the main character wasn't really great. He managed to see almost every aspect of the problem because he wanted to go  home, but the problem is that when his team is actually entering an action scene, he always stops to give us a feeling of the landscape. I found his behavior rather unrealistic with the fact that he always survives when everyone around dies and that he is rescued by the rescue team after being told that there is no rescue team. 
I was expecting a lot more action, a lot more scientific explanation for the human attempt to fix the problem and a lot more of Godzilla.

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