Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Taster 2: Rainbow Catcher

I'm trying this new thing on Thursday. (Thursday cinema will be up later on today.) It's called Thursday Taster, talented writers from all over the blogosphere gather together to give readers tasty parts of their work in progress, you can find the list here
As I'm currently working on the edits of Rainbow Catcher, that's the project I will be presenting until it is ready. Today, we continue right where we left off last week. As it's under editing, if you see anything funny, hit me on the head in the comments. 

Jason sighed, looking at him, he had sent so many letters to the channel asking for a rainbow for his little sister, but never had any answer. The problem was that Clarissa needed a purple rainbow, one of the rarest rainbows in the sky and one of the most difficult to catch. And they were poor, and far away on the waiting list.

Jason had found a Rainbow for her, finally, half price. He had been working hard days and nights to gather enough money to pay for it. She felt really lucky to have such a nice and caring older brother. But, even with this unexpected rainbow on her side, it was not guaranteed that the surgery would succeed. Recently, she had been feeling weaker and weaker, and even hiding it from Jason, she started coughing blood. She knew that if the rainbow didn’t arrive soon, her heart’s damages would be too high for it to have an effect on it and that she wouldn’t survive the surgery.

I wonder how he can find the rainbows so quickly and even at night, nobody else goes to work at night, it’s like this guy never sleep or something,” Jason said.

That’s why he is so good, he knows how to find them everywhere, he calculates the wind and rain direction in the desert before going to bed, that way, he knows exactly where the rainbow is going to appear in the morning and he just has to wait for it. That’s the smartest and most brilliant technique ever,” Clarissa answered.

Everett Cooper was her hero. She couldn’t stop talking about him and was convinced that he would, someday, arrive in her room with her purple rainbow. But Jason was more pragmatic and didn’t believe in such fairy tales. Guys like Everett Cooper didn’t care about people like them. He caught the rainbows and gave them to the best buyers, just for money. That, kids might die in the hospital waiting for their cure, wasn’t his problem, as long as he could smile at the camera.

Jason had tried to explain it to Clarissa many times, but he didn’t have the strength anymore. It had been fun, when she would jump on him to try to make him eat his words angrily, and they would end up laughing, tickling each other. But now, she just sighed and stared at the TV as if it was her last hope. The sight of it was purely unbearable.

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  1. The rainbows- I still love it. The idea and am now curious how much rainbows can do. :)

  2. Very different and colorful from the rest. Nice post.

  3. This excerpt has piqued my curiosity, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing it :)

  4. I hope he brings the purple rainbow soon. It doesn't appear hopeful and will it be a valable one.

  5. I love this taster. A unique style that holds my every attention. More please