Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2014 Official WINNER

I'm writing a sort of science fiction story. I know, it's not my usual thing. It has new characters and new settings and new goals, and I call it "sort of science fiction" because it's science fiction, but there is so much more to it, especially in the relationship between people in a family, interactions with divorced parents, between siblings... 

It's a little bit more difficult to write than when I deal with Sahel and his friends, but it's a lot of fun, and it's also a new way for me to grow as a writer. I think one of the reasons why it's more difficult is because my main character has spent most of her life hiding her true thoughts and beliefs to her family and people around her, and she is now in a position where she can step free, aka going to university, live by herself... 
Anyway, this new story which curiously doesn't have a title yet made me once again a Camp NaNoWriMo winner. I don't know when that will stop. I was thinking about taking a break from writing, maybe because it was hard, but apparently I'm also getting idea about the next book(s) in the Demon Series. So I'm not sure when I will take that break even though I sort of really need a holiday.

The Camp NaNo story is about a girl who can travel to parallel universes in her mind. Isn't it cool? Well, I guess that depends on what kind of universe you arrive. I mean in some she's lucky and in some a bit less. The other problem is that she faints/blacks out every single time, sometimes in rather inappropriate places and it makes her mother totally freak out. I don't think anyone ever had that many brain scan taken.
It's interesting to write because it gives endless possibilities for the life and challenges of all the characters in different universes, and who is here and who isn't. 
In the following, I just sent Frederique to that universe because she was annoying me. No! No! Really! I swear, I do take revenge on my characters. It is a part that has almost nothing to do with the travel she takes into universes which have something to do with the plots, but it still has a key point just after the end.

Unedited Excerpt: (Frederique is the Main character and Jonas her seven years old brother she is picking up at school.) 

"You are not going to faint again, are you?" Jonas said with a light of worry in his eyes.
"Of course not," I answered before seeing the sky again. It was filled with grey clouds. I thought Jonas caught me and I blinked three times. Why did I have to travel just now, that was a lot more in a day than I was used to.

"Just caught it this time, at this rhythm we are going to lose," someone said in front of me and she started to run toward someone else with a different T-shirt.
We were playing, handball and I was goaly. I was never on a team, I was never good at any sport and I was probably out of shape and that other girl was running straight at me and my team was never to be seen. I could see exactly why I was here, my other self was a damn idiot and wanted to avoid the ball at all cost. The ball hit me right in the face and hit the ground in front of me before I could lay down on it. I had it, I had it.
"Frederique are you ok? Frederique, wake up!" Jonas' little panicked voice said.
I was laying on the ground and he was pushing tuft of hair away from my forehead. I blinked again to make sure I was totally back.
"I'm fine," I said.
"You went back to the spaceship," Jonas asked grinning.
"I went to a bloody handball match and they threw the ball straight to my face," I said.
Jonas giggled. 

And here are my stats, not as smooth and glorious as usual, but I still made it. Now I just have to keep going for about 30 to 50k to finish the novel.

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