Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday cinema: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday cinema.

The movie of this week is X-Men: Days of the Future Past. I went to see it at the cinema early morning soon after the release. We actually planned it months in advance. Lately I'm planning a lot of things months in advance and it seems to work, except for the blogging because I have been a little bit lazy about it but it seems to be willing to get better. Finger crossed. Anyway let's dive into today's topic.
Storie:  Another super brilliant racist (anti-mutant) genius manages to create robots that can fight every single mutant ability by copying them. Scary enough. Of course the entire project back fire and it's not only mutant at stake anymore it's humanity. The X-men gather and Xavier and magneto send wolverine the past to make sure the robots are not created. 
My feelings: That was an awesome movie. The only weird thing was that I thought mystic was a lot younger than Xavier and Magneto but I guess that's just me. Anyway, the younger version of the characters totally fit the plot and fit who they manage to become. Xavier in the future is even more awesome than in the past in a way and that totally makes you think that growing old and over coming your problem is not that bad. 
I loved the powers of the mutants in the future, they were really cool, especially Pryde, she has to be my favourite. Quantum girl! Not only she can cross the walls but she can also use that power on people's mind to get them back to the past. That's a brilliant concept. 
That being said even if you are not a physics freak and don't want to dive into the science of the movie it is still very enjoyable. For sure I'll rewatch it later again.

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