Sunday, June 15, 2014

Demon and Fairy WeWriWar 55

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Welcome to Week-end Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday.

I'm late with everything but I'm catching up. Sorry for the lack of interaction lately.

In the previous episodes: Seti let the chaos got out of him as the father of his sister fiance threaten to break the engagement. Wild, he fly to the beach to see the only person near who he can get ride of the Chaos without pain, the fairy Kallisto in the Human world below his. He can only observe her through a tidal pool. But this time, she is in danger. Trying to rescue her from a snake, Seti lands in the world below. However, as Kallisto tries to touch him he flies away back to his hidden place on the beach and listen to Kallisto's conversation with her best friend Kelpie who once again proposes to her and is refused. Kallisto needs to chose between Kelpie or going back to the fairy world to marry prince Kordelius. As the night come, Kallisto goes home and so does Seti and of course his parents are all weird... (remember Seti used his forbidden power and left without an explanation... )

Here are my 8 sentences with creative punctuation for everything to fit, the weirdness continues (of course he is Seti).

For a second, he thought that she was going to touch him like she did before, but she walked away.

Of course, I’m fine, the shower is ready,” she said putting the dishes in the sink and starting the water.

Seti walked to the door and threw her a last look before walking in the corridor.

Did you really need to be like that tonight again,” he heard his mother say.

It’s not going to change anything anymore, it doesn’t matter, what has to be done, has to be done,” he heard his father answer. 
It is still our fault,” his mother answered.

I already told you not to think about it that way,” his father answered.

What if we tell him the truth, maybe it would help him,” his mother said.
Answer to last week's comments:

Seti has a lot to think about. 
His relationship with his parents has never been easy. It has rather been non-existent, since some particular day in his childhood... he'll tell someone about it, in a while. 
Chip, she will say something like that but she needs time to get to it.

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  1. Gah...I want to know the truth too! Have to come back next week.:D

  2. Aha! That age old conundrum of "do we them'em the truth?"
    In the deep South, we consider it "embellishment." LOL

  3. Interesting. What do they need to tell him? Intriguing snippet.

  4. interesting piece - mysterious...

  5. I agree with Mom. Truth, even if it hurts, should be told.

  6. Ooh, interesting final comment about there being truth to be revealed! I wonder what that will be about and how it affects Seti. Intriguing excerpt!

  7. Great little snippet! It has been a while since I have been around to read, but it's good to be back reading more about Seti again.

  8. The family dynamics are so intriguing. I sense a lot of disappointment, but I am not sure why. Seems sad. well done.

  9. Nice work... exactly the kind of conversation that needs to be overheard.

  10. Oooh... I want to know what the truth is that they are keeping from him. Great snippet, Linda!