Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cooking: Creme Chiken Spaghetti

Hello cooking people who like to eat delicious stuff, 
Lately I have been in a cooking mood and as much as I like cookbooks, I also like to create my own recipes. Ok, especially because I don't like to bother shopping for something particular and just want to deal with what's in the fridge.

For this one you will need:
Some chicken, diced.
Spinach (here I used Japanese mustard spinach)
Oil to fry everything.
Grated cheese
Creme fraiche
Salt and pepper.

Boil water for your spaghetti.

While the water is boiling and the spaghetti cooking, cut the chicken and vegetables.

Save the spaghetti. I generally keep the not fully cooked spaghetti in hot water while preparing my sauce (because I only have one fire)

Fry the chicken.
Add the vegetable.
 Add the creme fraiche and grated cheese. Salt and Pepper.

Serve the sauce in top of the Spaghetti. Et voilà! Bon appétit!
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