Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday cinema: The devil wears prada

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday cinema.
The movie of this week is The Devil wears Prada. It's a movie from 2006 and at that time I didn't bother watching it, you know.... shoes... And once again, I failed at my duty of reading the book first. It seems all movies come from a book, don't they?
Storie: Andrea wants to be a journalist. After finishing university, she miraculously obtains the job "a million girls would kill for", as the second assistant of Miranda Priestly, the editor-in-chief of Runway fashion magazine. Andrea is not fashionable, she doesn't fit in but that is about to change. After all she was hired because she said she could adapt and that she was smart.
My feelings: I thought that movie was about shoes... and it is about shoes. I have to say I hate fashion and I hate shoes too. I can wear the same pair of shoes for... years. But it's not only about shoes. It's about someone who try her best to fit in in an hostile environment. Yes, Andrea has friends and a boyfriend but they are so far away from her daily reality that they are not at all helping. She is trying her best to do her job well, and it's just for a year and of course at the same time, she is growing and changing and she learns something new but there is nobody to listen. All the people around her seemed blind to narrow minded and don't want to listen. "Oh my god, you are ditching us for your job what a terrible person you are." I hate that kind of behavior and truth is you can't please everyone. 
On the other hand her boss is terrible and demands a lot more than I would take myself. I think Andrea has some guts not to quit. But despite the facade Miranda put on for everybody, she is still a human being and it's that side she has in common with.

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