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Demon and Fairy WeWriWar 51

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In the previous episodes: Seti let the chaos got out of him as the father of his sister fiance threaten to break the engagement. Wild, he fly to the beach to see the only person near who he can get ride of the Chaos without pain, the fairy Kallisto in the Human world below his. He can only observe her through a tidal pool. But this time, she is in danger. Trying to rescue her from a snake, Seti lands in the world below. However, as Kallisto tries to touch him he flies away back to his hidden place on the beach and listen to Kallisto's conversation with her best friend Kelpie who once again proposes to her and is refused. Kallisto needs to chose between Kelpie or going back to the fairy world to marry prince Kordelius. As the night come, Kallisto goes home and so does Seti. 

Here are my 8 sentences, beginning of Chapter 3. (Of course, "he" is Seti).

Something was clearly wrong, but Seti just sat down and looked at his mother filling him his plate with chicken and potatoes. His mother never kept him something warm he had to take something out of the fridge himself. She put the plate in front of him and briefly smiled before looking away as if in pain. Seti wondered what happened. He remembered seeing her acting like that before but he couldn’t remember when or why. Something was clearly wrong.
“Eat you diner,” the cold voice of his father brought him back to the reality and he took his fork to eat.
His mum put a glass of tomato juice in front of him.

Answer to last week's comments:

Of course Seti is talking to himself, remember he didn't have anyone to talk to for a while. Don't worry, there is never anyone listening to him either, he is too scary! ;)
Shooting star in French is Étoile filante. I don't translate my novel from French, I write the directly in English, but thanks for correcting the typos, I really appreciate that.  

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  1. I'm curious to know when he saw her acting like that before -- and why. And I want to know what's wrong... Very intrigues.

  2. 'Eat your dinner'? That's all he can say? Man, now I really see the coldness of his personality. Good snippet!

  3. They need each other. I hope they realize this soon. Love this story.

  4. Very well drawn--I like how you show how Seti knows there's something wrong.

  5. Yes something is definitely wrong, I expect she'll let it all out with a little persuasion!

  6. You gave us a lot with so few sentences. The father's abrasive personality, Seti sensing something is wrong, and his mom's odd behavior. Well done Linda!

  7. Can't wait to find out what's wrong.

  8. Good snippet. It left me wondering why his mom is sad, and why Seti only vaguely recalls that he's seen her life this before. I don't think I like his dad.

  9. A lot of emotion in this snippet. Well done!

    Just curious should this line be: You wrote: “Eat you diner,”

    Should it be: "Eat your dinner".