Friday, April 18, 2014


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Few days ago we saw a new side of Mikala in Nervous, today the story continue with her feelings after the piano concerto. 

 Mikala pressed the last key and her wrist went up to get away from the piano. She rest her hands on her knees for few second looking at the white and black keys in front of her. She has done it. The music died and the public started to clap. She stood her. She wasn't trembling any more, the heavy weight on her chest was finally gone, she almost felt that she could fly. 
Her teacher walked toward her and took her hand to make her face the public, one again she found him handsome, her worries about him not being an old lady were forgotten she could almost have laughed at them if she wasn't standing in front of a crowd of dark faces. The public was anonymous, of course her father was here, somewhere expected her to find him and to wave at him but she couldn't see anyone all the lights were on her, she bowed, her black dress moving softly around her body and she smiled. It was a strange sensation as if the muscles on her face had just woke up. She bowed again and the public applauded more. 
She had done it, she had played. She couldn't remember the song or how it sounded few minutes again but she had done it and she was so proud of it. 
Her teacher took her away, she barely saw the next girl passing next to her, nervous, trembling like she vaguely remembered she had once been.
"So, when are we doing this again?" She asked.
And her teacher laughed.

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