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Today we are going to see a part of Demon Soul where Daciana is a little bit too optimistic and Viorel is trying to look as calm as ever.


When Viorel and Sahel arrived in Daciana’s room few minutes ago, she was sitting on the floor, playing which a set of plastic molecules trying to make a molecule of glucose.
“What are you doing?” Sahel asked intrigued by the bizarre shape in her hands.
“Learning today’s molecule”, she answered.
“Daciana learns a bit of what composes the blood everyday”, Viorel explained putting him on the floor and giving the cup to Daciana.
“That way, when I go hunting, when I grow up, I’ll know what to eat and what not to eat” Daciana said taking a sip. “Blood is very important for vampires. I’m a vampire you know.”
She seemed very proud about it and wanting to scare him a bit.
“I know”, Sahel said not impressed at all. “I’m a demon, have you see one before?”
“No”, she answered showing the plastic molecule to Viorel who took out some part of it of.
“You still got those wrong”, he said.
“You want to help?” she asked Sahel; “Give me a carbon”, she said without waiting for the answer. “That’s the one with a C on the box”, she added seeing that Sahel was a bit confused.
“What is C?” He asked.
Daciana opened horrified eyes.
“Don’t tell me you don’t know how to read?” she looked at Viorel expecting a comforting answer.
“Is it so bad?” Sahel asked sadly looking at the floor.
“Yes, you need to know everything about demon if you are a demon and you’re the only one here so you need to read it.” Daciana said.
“No, that’s ok”, Viorel said. They both looked at him with different expectations.
“Sahel is your complete opposite, you grow five times slower than a human as you were transformed through your mother, the vampire part of you make it so that you look like a four years old even if you are twenty”, he started to explain.
“Twenty”, Sahel repeated in disbelieve.
“But for Sahel”, Viorel continued without taking notice of the interruption; “He is only few weeks old so it’s normal if he doesn’t know how to read yet.”
“Can you teach me?” Sahel asked shyly.
Daciana’s eyes were shining with excitation.
“That’s why you took him here,” she said with a strident voice. “You are going to take his blood so that you can make me grow normally and I’ll be able to get rid of this baby body.”
Sahel suddenly didn’t feel really reassured, Daciana was really looking insane and he started to think that Dylan was right when he said she was scary.
“I don’t want you to take my blood,”he said his wings turning slightly dark green.
“Not all of it, just a little bit to make me grow up,”Daciana said.
“It’s not that simple”, Viorel answered.
“But still, that’s the best ever," Daciana said.

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