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Today we are going to see a little part of Blue Angel where Lonan decide not to save only himself but also an unknown special person. Blue Angel is still unedited so forget the mistakes. ;) (Or point them all to me, that'll help.)


His tank was there, just in front of him. He looked at his other self for a minute, not really knowing what to do. The demon was exactly the same, with darker hair and darker eyes. It was as if he was looking at himself in the mirror. There was nothing by the tank's side, no special objects, nothing. Just him and the naked demon looking like him, the one who was supposed to receive his soul after he was killed and they cleaned it. He put both hands on the glass, forgetting that he was still holding his power tightly. The tanks started to shake and Lonan jumped backward out of surprise. The voices had stopped everything was silent. He knew he needed to hide but he couldn't stop looking at the tank. The demon inside had awaken, he seemed to be looking straight at him, worried, frighten. Lonan was only seeing a part of himself he didn't want to know about.
There were footsteps on his right now. Without thinking he pushed on the red large button on the side of the tank. The glass separated itself in the middle turning around the tank and the blue water feeling it felt at his feet with a wave. The demon in the tank felt too, he seemed unable to stand on his feet, he didn't make a sound. The footstep was closing up.
He is here!”
The demons were in the row now, in few seconds they would be on them. Lonan looked at the naked boy in front of him unable to make a different between him and his clone. He took the boy's hand and helped him to his feet. He couldn't think he just acted.
“Let's go,” he said.
He started to run holding the boy's hand, it was wet and tender and filled with wrinkles like he had after staying in a bath for too long. Behind him the boy was trying hard not to fall, he was slow and clumsy. Lonan was runing straight in front of him, not knowing where he was going, the footsteps were closing up behind them. He needed to find something.
He pushed the boy in the closed corridor and turned around to face them before concentrating his power on the ceiling, just like he had seen Kamaril do earlier. He ceiling collapse before his followers managed to get to the corridor but the entire thing seemed to want to collapse on him. He took the boy's hand again and run.
“We have to hurry,” he said out of breath, “just put one feet in front of the other as fast as you can.”
The boy didn't answer. He was still slow and clumsy. Lonan knew they wouldn't be able to continue like that for too long. The boy needed clothes and shoes and food, especially food. Lonan was clinging at his hand but the boy's hand wasn't clinging at him. He was worried that it would slip out of his grasp any second.
“Why do you care?” he didn't recognize the voice, he didn't know where it was coming from. He suddenly stopped and the boy hit his back.
He turned around, the ceiling had stopped collapsing a long time ago. He looked at the boy wondering if he had been the one talking. He was also out of breath looking at the floor. His feet bleeding on the rocks. Lonan wondered why he wasn't curing himself. The boy's face was expressionless as if he felt no fear, no pain, nothing at all.
Lonan didn't know what to do anymore. He pushed the boy near the wall in a dark corner.
"Sit here.” The boy didn't move. Lonan looked in the corridor to see if the noise had attracted someone but they were alone, at least for the moment. He turned back to the boy who was standing next to him.
“I said sit,” Lonan said sitting himself and pulling on the boy's arm.
He put a hand on his feet.
“Can you do this?”
White light came out of his hand.
The boy looked at him his head tilting to his left shoulder.
“It feels better, right?” Lonan said. “Can you do it alone?”
He took the hand of the boy and placed it on the cut of his left foot but the boy didn't seem to understand. Lonan sighed, for the first time in his life he felt incredibly patient. He wondered if that was what Odeon was feeling toward him.
“That's ok, I'll do it but you'll need to learn that trick because it can be handy,” Lonan said healing the last cut on the boy's feet.
“Do you have a name? Mine is Lonan,” he said.
The boy was still staring at him, tears started to run on his cheeks. Lonan was taken aback he had never seen a demon cry before.
“You'll be ok, we'll get you a name later, maybe you can even chose for yourself,” he said.
He stood up again.
“We need to get out of here, my brothers are somewhere around but this place is a maze,” he said.
He took the end of the boy and helped him up.
“Let's go,” the boy wasn't following.
Lonan pulled him by the hand trough the corridor. Now he had someone to take care of.

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