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Today is a back story of Blue Angel which I just finished to write two days ago. The last part of the draft will be up on Friday with the others, here. Poor Jezabel is one of my most hopeless character, her circumstances always turn bad even when she is doing her best.


The 4 am bell rang taking second class angel Jezabel from her sleep. It was prayer time. It was early but she was used to it. She slide out of her bed and found her sleeper perfectly aligned, just like she had left them. She seized the light brown robe marking her belonging to the second class, well fold on the side of the bed and passed it on. The morning was still fresh and she didn't want to remove her comfortable pyjama. She buttoned the robe bellow her wings and put the hood on her head making her soft dark hair disappear.
She stood up yawning and walk toward the great hall for prayer gathering. People were whispering but she didn't bother to listen to their voices, she was already repeating the prayer of the day in her head, to make sure she would say it without mistakes or hesitations.
When she arrived at the entrance, she smiled to the guard. She wanted to be a guard and be up all night to see the start but women couldn't be guards. They blocked her way. She took a step back, still smiling and not understanding what was happening. Others were let in without difficulty. The guard didn't tell her what the problem was, they weren't allowed to speak, they would reveal big secret.
A heavy hand fell on her shoulder, she turned to face Ezechiel. A brighter smile draw itself across her face, with Ezechiel beside her, she had no doubt she could enter.
"Go back to your room until you fix your wings," Ezechiel said without even meeting her eyes.
He pushed her aside. "Go back to your room."
Jezabel hesitated a second but under the looks of everyone around she finally draw back to her room.
What was so wrong with her wings that she couldn't pray? She looked at herself in the mirror, they were blue, she took her feather in her hand and placed them closer to the light. They were blue, there was no doubt about it. Jezabel slide to the grown and wept. Something was really wrong with her wings and she didn't have any idea how to fix them.

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