Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Welcome to the B day of the A-to-Z challenge.
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Let's continue our exploration of emotions. Today it's a story of betrayal. This is a new version of last year's Morgan.

Morgan was running in the forest. Her bare feet hitting the ground as fast as she could. She knew exactly where she was going, the trees seemed to be creating a path for her to leave. Not a single branch to block her way, not a single roots to make her stumble. As if the trees too had decided not to listen to the stars any more.
It was tonight. She would finally leave the Fairy World, she would finally be allowed to love, to forget about what the stars had been telling her to do all her life. In the Human World she would be free and Cameron would be with her, forever.
There were lights near the lake, she could see them from far away. She slowed down a bit, puzzled. She had told Cameron to wait in the dark, not to do anything that could alert anyone, the trees were so talkative. Cameron had always laughed out that she was too cautious. 
She accelerated, the sooner she would meet him, the sooner they would be gone and she wouldn't have to worry ever again. 
"They're coming, they're coming, they're coming for you, for you, for you," the echoes in the trees had never been so loud. She had never heard them without touching them.
Morgan paused a second and put a hand on the closed trunk to make sure that she had heard clearly. They were after her. It was impossible. How could they know? Who had warned them? 
Faster, faster, she needed to reach Cameron before them. She couldn't breath any more, her lungs were on fire, she was scared. Something was wrong, everything was wrong. They should have felt earlier. She should have forgotten about fixing her stuff before living. They should have just gone and create a new life from scratch for themselves without caring about what she was to left behind. Why didn't they leave yesterday? What had seemed to her so important few hours ago seemed totally futile now. 
She step in the glare. Cameron was waiting for her, uncovered. She tried to reach him but it was too late. He smile changed first then she noticed the arrow on his chest, straight to his heart. It was coming from the left. Maligan stood under a large oak tree, his bow still in position. He was smiling at her.

"One two three, one two three," Maligan sung, "when we grow up would you marry me." 
He and Morgan were spinning under the trees, faster, faster. 
Morgan laughed.
"You know the stars said I need to marry someone called Romuald." 
"But we don't know where he is, and I'm right here," Maligan answered.
"There is no need, Dahis, is nice too you know, you're lucky to have her," Morgan said. "At least we are allowed to be best friends."
Maligan suddenly stopped spinning and caught Morgan. 
"I will never let you go." 

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  1. Bravo!! And, now I want to know what else happens. :) You painted the picture amazingly well, the tension was excellent, and the surprise at the end was flawless. I did not see the ending coming. Does Cameron die??

  2. So many participants in A to Z are fiction writers. (Not me) I'm enjoying stumbling upon such creativity!
    Visiting from A to Z~

  3. B is for betrayal - sounds like a mystery title! Brilliant! (

  4. A great scene, lots of tension.
    I’m an A to Z helper this year, so I’ll be checking back to make sure everything’s OK :)