Saturday, March 15, 2014

Attic Mirror: Saint Patrick's day promotion

Saint Patrick's day is coming up!
To celebrate, Attic Mirror is FREE! Yes totally totally free to grab on Smashword!

To get your free ebook just use the code RF28U upon check out! You have until the end of Saint Patrick's day (March 17th) DON'T MISS IT!

Why is Attic Mirror FREE? Because it's the green book of course. 

Hitomi pushes one more door. This is the part of the attic where nobody ever comes. She feels the cold air coming out of the dark room. It smells like dust and old things. She pushes the door a little more and enters...

Her curiosity becomes slowly stronger than her fear of the darkness and she starts to explore. She finally starts to enjoy herself, uncovers a strange looking mirror and puts an old dress in front of herself.
"Really, really nice", she heard a voice say.
She startles, turns around in the room, she is all alone...

Then she looks in the mirror.... 

Follow Hitomi in the discovery of a new world.
Attic Mirror is a side story, I hope you'll enjoy! 

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