Friday, March 7, 2014

46 days later: the 365 challenge

I started the 365 challenge, 46 days ago, time really flies. There are days when I don't know what to shoot and there are days when I have too many ideas but I'm still allowed only one picture. 
When I decide in advance what I was for the day, you can be sure that I take a picture of something totally different that is better than the picture of the topic intended. That says that creativity is not limited to what you want to work on or on what you decided, it's an ongoing process and I need to stay open to the possibilities.

One thing that the challenge had taught me and is still teaching me is not to let an opportunity pass. If I have my camera and something is good, it's better not to be lazy and to shoot it right away otherwise I would have regret. I guess this can be summarised as: "You never regret what you shoot but you always regret what you don't shoot."

Following are two pictures taken at the same place, at the same time one day apart with the same camera settings. None of them made it best picture of the day for the challenge but I thought they were interesting, because they are so different. Once again that says: "Seize the moment because things change."

I started the challenge with some friends and a lot of them already abandoned but I'm not quitting, I'll definitely get my daily picture, no matter how busy I am, and seriously, you can't be that busy.

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