Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hump Day Hook 28

Hello and welcome to Hump Day hook, This week is intrigue week so here is a little conversation between Brownie and Dylan from "Demon Soul". Brownie is apparently going "Shopping" but Dylan doesn't buy it. You might recognize it from chapter 2's vlog.

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As she started to pour herself some tea, Dylan flew through the window.
“Hey, just in time before sunrise.” 
He looked at her surprised. 
“Who are you?”
She turned around, and walked to the window with her cup of tea, closed it and pulled the curtains.
“Did you ever learn about doors?” She pointed at the kitchen door on the opposite side of the room. “Normal people walk through them when they come back home, that avoids surprises.”
She looked at him, some blood had leaked from the corner of his mouth and dried there. He was looking dumbfounded. “You have blood on your face; you’d better washed it before scaring the girls again.”
Dylan suddenly recovered his voice from the surprise.
“What is happening to you?” he was looking at her from head to feet and from feet to head.
“Nothing, really!” She walked to the fridge looking for one of the fishes the boys had brought back from their angling trip two days before and made it disappear in a shoulder strap bag.
“I’m just going shopping.”
“Shopping? Like that? With a fish?” Dylan, wiping the blood on his face with the first towel he had found, opened big eyes. “Where exactly are you going?”
“Well if anyone asks, you’ll say you don’t know.”

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  1. This is so cute. I loved he flew in and had blood on his mouth. I wonder where she was going with a fish.

  2. Definitely intriguing!