Friday, March 29, 2013

The start of A-Z blogging challenge

The A-Z blogging challenge will be starting in three days and I'm really excited about it. 
During the month of April I will be blogging everyday for this challenge except on Mondays which leads to 26 days of blogging.
My blog posts will take a new and unusual format as every blog title needs to start with the alphabet letter of the day going from A to Z.

I decided that to be able to successfully manage this challenge, I needed a theme so that each post will be linked to one another. 

My theme is : "My novels characters".

I already wrote 4 full drafts and 3 partial drafts as well as a script that you might have read or not. So I have a lot of characters. Every characters has his/her own little stories and I know things about them that don't appear in the novels. When I create a character, I start by giving him/her a background story which will determine his/her choices and how he/she will behave in the future, so that they don't act out of temper or character. I think that it is really important to build a consistent behavioral pattern for your characters other wise you could as well swap them around. I want each of my characters to be unique and to have there own personality. All of this add up to a lot of elements and flashback which are often unnecessary to the plot of the novel, but it's still there. During April I would like you to meet with the secrets and mysteries of my novel characters by reading some chosen pieces of my hidden collection. So every day, I will be presenting a different characters.

However I still find a little problem with my theme. I don't have a character for every letter of the alphabet even though I still have several for the same letter. Therefore there will also be some surprise and I will ask you to help me with filling the blanks.

The first task I am giving you is to ask me some questions about my characters which will appear on the Q-day. You can ask anything, the best questions will be gathered and answered.

The post for the challenges will be labels in Novel so that you can find the link to them on my facebook author page, but also A-to-Z challenge so that you can find them directly from the cloud on the right panel of this blog. Of course a link to all of them will also appear every day on this blog post.

I hope you will enjoy reading there story.


  1. As one of the A to Z Challenge Co-Hosts, I'm just dropping by all the blogs entered to make sure I'm following. Nice to meet you, Linda!

  2. Hi Matthew,
    Thank you for stopping by, as you can see I'm ready to go.