Thursday, March 7, 2013

Demon World part 8

It has been a long time since I posted about progresses on "Demon World". The last time was at the start of NaNoFiMo which means that the novel should be finished by now but well it isn't. I could pretty much list the reasons why it isn't, but that sounds a bit like making excuses and lately I think I have been making a lot of excuses for myself about why I don't do things and this needs to stop. I don't even need excuses, I can yell it (well maybe not in my office at lunch break when other people are not having a break yet) but so yeah, I didn't freaking write for more than two months!

So instead of complaining, about what's should be here and is not, let's talk about what's new. 
Well, a big jump of 18272 words, 
with a lot of very weird things happening in that cave and out of it. 

Now it feels like nobody is safe anymore, the novel has taken a turn for the worse and the characters are trying to rise out of the battle, whether they are facing outer or inner challenges, it seems to go all wrong...

If you have read my other novels you had probably noticed that in general they start from point A with one main character and we mainly follow him/her until the end. What is different with "Demon World" is that there are many stories for many characters going on at the same time so that I'm jumping from one to another with every chapter (thingies separated with ****). It's a very different way of writing and as all stories are supposed to converge to the end together nicely if some of my characters decide to act up on their own instead of going nicely according to the plan, things can turn up really, really crazy a lot faster than when the story is linear. This is the fancy version for saying: "What a mess?" or "What the heck is going on?" 
Actually, I have no idea because, I have some characters who really don't like to follow the rules. I always thought that Kelpie, was pretty disobedient, which is the reason why "Demon and Fairy" has now been cut into two parts. He shouldn't have been involved so much, it shouldn't have happened this way but well the chances are for the better. But now Kelpie is nothing compared to Azazel and Torsti, really, Torsti just gave in the last parts a totally new version of the story, Azazel is being following Sahel around and acting like a busy bee. Why is the reason of all that? They just gained purposes. Instead of just being a bystander helpful for the main character to reach their goal, they are started to have a goal on their own and created a better defined purpose for their own existence. My characters are growing up, evolving, maturing. This happened slowly with Azazel and quickly with Torsti. After all Azazel had been through the entire fairy world before reaching this point but Torsti has been created only for "Demon World" and is therefore a pretty "new" character, but he is taking one of the main role in the discovery of what is actually really going on in that demon-filled cave.
Looking at characters who tend to disobey one other good example is Sahel except that he is divided into two choices, if he obeys, he'll get what he wants but he doesn't know that, so he disobeys and decide to try for himself to get to his goal and get sick in the way. Actually his current state is making me sick too, I'm getting tired of characters unable to handle themselves. Sahel is scared of Yue and doesn't want to face him, he is scared by the fact that Yue was with Brownie first and that he wouldn't even exist if their love story had been progressing without soul-stealing demons passing by. He always wonders what would actually happen if Yue was to come back.... you'll see why really really soon but not today.
You may think that I should have it coming after all my characters are demons, not angels... well I might have the angels coming up and I'm almost sure that they won't behave either. 
As you may have notice I'm being very excited write now and therefore I'm writing a lot, I guess that's mean part nine will come sometimes soon... but we can never be so sure. But  at least while I take time to write it up, you have time to enjoy reading part eight.
Here you go.

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