Friday, February 1, 2013

Read more or die : Reading contest.

Last night was the end of my reading Marathon. In January I participated to a contest call "Read more or die". This contest is organized several times a year by someone who realized that you can improve your foreign language skills dramatically just by reading more, reading something, anything, by participating to another contest of the kind himself.
The rules of this contest is to read as much as possible in up to three different foreign languages from the first of January until the 31th of January at midnight. To participate you just need a twitter account (that makes it easier) and to follow the rules.
I registered Japanese, German and English. I only read papers in English for most part or edited "Demon and fairy" (more on that coming soon), I didn't read anything in German (my german books were hiding in my boxes) but I read a lot of mangas (I finished 花よ男子, and started 花ざかりの君たちへ。)
I found out about this contest only on the 9th of January so I started already with an handicap but there is nothing to win in that contest except of course new awesome language skill. I decided to aim for being in the top 10% (that's a bit of a fullish goal though but I didn't know how much I could read) At the moment I register 10% meant to be at least 26th. At the end of the month it meant being 29th but I decided to still aim for the 26th position. I reached it last night but midnight coming in Japan faster than in any other country, I become 27th soon after.That's not too bad for a first time.

Here are my reading progresses.

Next time (in April) I intent to read at least 1000 pages (which is 5000 pages for mangas according to the rules) and only in Japanese. Normally that's more than achievable especially that I have 2 more months or insane reading to train.

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