Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Korea, Busan : 독백섬

On the west side of the beach, there is a park called 독백섬 (Dongbaek) island. 독백 used to be an island but the sand and earth and dusk coming from chuncheon stream filled the gap between the island and the land.
This island presents at the summit a statue of Scholar Choi Chi-won and a monument to his memory. There is also a statue of a mermaid near the seashore. The legend says that princess 황옥 (Hwanggok) from 나란다 (Naranda) was married to king 은혜 (Eunhye) of 무궁 (Mugung) and she missed her country so much that she came to the shore to cry over it on the full moon nights as the full moon light reflected her country in the topaz ball is was carrying with her.
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