Wednesday, May 9, 2012


En français
Few months ago I decided to start a garden in my room so I bought few seeds and a tulip and I made a video about planting them. It's kind of funny because I'm talking to the camera event though nothing else really happens in the movie, so I prepared a less boring speed up version. Anyway, my tulip grew really really big and bloomed and then the pedals sadly felt. The mind is still growing nicely. The roses were growing nicely too even though the roses didn't make any flowers but then I went away to Korea and they dried up sadly, I'm trying to  revive them up but I don't have much hopes. My lavender didn't really start, well only one seed started to grow something but it's turned sadly brown, I guess it was not getting enough sunlight, you see it's kinda dark in the room with the really rainy weather outside and I can't put the plants out because of the cat... so there was no lavender for me, then it started growing when I was in Korea but kinda died on the day I came back, maybe the lavender doesn't like me.

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