Wednesday, February 29, 2012

北海道の雪祭り (Snow festivals in Hokkaido) : 小樽の夜

En français
After my break I went back to the snow festival, it was snowing a lot there. I first started in the snow tunnel, the snow flower and the owl forest, then went to the other side of the street. The snow was illuminated by cancels hiding everywhere. There was bigger sculpture where you could take pictures. Then I went to the canal. The side was illuminated by candles and more candles were floating on the river. You could buy one and make a wish. It was so cold that my fingers were trembling when taking the pictures.
Travel table of content
Teddy bear in the snow
Illuminated snow tunnel
Snow flower
Snow flower field
Ice bar
Snow balls
Snow and red leafs
A heart in the snow
Cute snow family
The canal
Snow town
Light on the canal
One wish in the snow
More red leafs

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