Tuesday, October 11, 2011

オレンジデイズ (orange days)

En français

オレンジデイズ is a Japanese drama in 11 episodes from 2004.

 Sae Hagio is a very talented violinist but four years ago she lost her hearing and felt into despair refusing to communicate and to socialize, using sign language to keep people away from her. Kai Yuuki is senior at the university graduating into welfare and people care study currently looking for a job. Kai's friend is interested in Sae but decide to avoid the date when he discovers that she is deaf, Kai finds himself going there instead and so the relationship between Sae and Kai begins leading to the creation of the orange society, a group of friends.

Casting :
妻夫木聡 as Yuuki Kai
柴咲コウ  as Hagio Sae (Galileo, Galileo episode 0)
成宮寛貴 as Aida Shohei
白石美帆 as Ozawa Akane (Nodame Cantabile)
瑛 太  as Yashima Keita (Nodame Cantabile)

I like this drama, especially because of Sae's personality. She is really impulsive  and make life hard for Kai is a very funny always making him stay around even when he wants to complain about it. I also like how she never gives up music even though she can't hear what she is playing anymore. I also like Keita, he is the good guy all the way is a sense and don't really get recognized for it. I think people don't really trust you so much or find you interesting when you are genuinely nice, that's a pity.
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