Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Script frenzy" fail

Do you remember how half a month ago I was Failing Script Frenzy ?
At that time I also said that it was going to get better and that I was going to win anyway. Well it didn't happen. I don't even feel bad about it, it was still a lot of fun.
I ended up with 44 pages on one script and 6 for the other, which is half of what I should have get for one script only. That's pretty much a epic fail.

I don't really know why I failed except for the fact that I was obviously not writing, or that when I was I was actually writing really slowly and really wanted to sleep. But it can be a link between a lot of things.

First my horror script turned into something really deep and psychological and it was really hard to combine that with blood spreading scenes. Ending up that my main character Charlie was looking for those creatures and ended up stuck with them in the train and I still don't have a clue how to get him out of there. Someone already suggested the window but 1) that's a subway train, 2) he has a time travel stone and 3) he still needs to follow them wherever it is they are going. I bet the only way is to rewrite the last part but at the same time that's the only really bloody part so far... see the problem.

Second my mood drastically changed in the middle, I mean I got a lot lighter so putting myself in Charlie's shoes and general randing about loosing his best friend and wanting revenge was kinda impossible.
But as a fighting depression story it's probably a master piece, just I'm not depressed enough to finish it... maybe.

Third, in the middle of the story I also started to think that Charlie could be the main character of "The flower" so that "The flower" became the sequel of "The unknown". That's what happens when you actually don't have names for your characters. I kind of got really attached to Charlie's way of thinking I guess, and it's better to have one character really depressed instead of two. But the thing is that "The flower" was to be a romantic story and travel to India and all... see the problem.

Fourth, I'm more of a novel writer than a script writer, seriously it was killing me not to give details about everything around and the smell and stuff. I find scripts really reductive.

Leeds to having 2 unfinished script that I don't have a clue how to finish right now and failing "Script Frenzy". But writing "The Unknown" was really fun and exciting so I guess I'll add what I have to the blog soon, so that you can also have fun reading it (and see how crazy my mind can get.)

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