Monday, January 10, 2011

Japan : Trip to Kansai, 京都, 西京区

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We finally went back and took the right train for 西京区 to go to 嵐山. We went to see 渡月橋 first, the romantic "Moon Crossing Bridge". It's been said that when you across this particular bridge, you must not look behind, otherwise your relationship will break up and that if you go there with someone you like you will stay together.We then went to the Monkey Park. Once we reached the top of the mountain, we could feed the monkeys. We also observed there diner time before going back down. We tried to go to the bamboo road but it was already night when we got there so we didn't see much. We then went back to 京都 for diner. It had been raining all afternoon and we were all wet and tired but that was still a lot of fun.
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