Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vampire heart, part 2

After seven days of NaNoWriMo, I can say that I'm really surprised with myself. I wasn't expecting to be writing like that, so easily. I don't really know why it is, that I feel so well about writing, maybe my will of really write that story for a long time and to win NaNo again, maybe the fact that Viorel already appeared in several story and that I know him very well, it's even scary how well I know him at time, maybe the change of style in my writing, or pure inertia. I'm not too sure. I really enjoy myself writing this and I'm already thinking of the changes that will be needed while editing.

What I mean by changes in writing style is that I'm writing in Viorel's point of view. Which means that I am using "I" all the time. I am used to write from an external point of view even when following only one character. This time I have to deal not only with describing what Viorel sees and the situation he is in but also his thoughts. And his thoughts are taking a lot of spaces and words. His thoughts are also a bit disorganized jumping from the situation he is in to what the people around are doing and I feel that it is a lot more natural. I'm almost certain that it's the reason making writing so easy this time and I'm not going to complain about it.

The changes I am planing to perform so far during editing would be at least lexical changes I want to try to have the vocabulary used evolve with the period from 600 years ago until now. That really feels like a challenge and will involve a lot of reading. I want people to feel that Viorel is old not only because he is a vampire but because of the words he is using and I want to try to make the changes palpable if possible. However that's not something that can be accomplished during NaNo without working full time on it so it will have to wait editing.
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Here is part 2 of the first draft, I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

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And here are what I forgot to add in part 1, the counter so that you can see the process even when I'm not adding an update on the blog.

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This second counter is for marking the advancement of "Demon and fairy". I'm not too sure how much words I need to finished but I'm trying to add 500 words a day.

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