Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Japan : Disney Sea

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The week-end after I went back to Japan, I went to Disney Sea with some friends. When Disney Land seems to be more about the cute Disney characters and Disney princesses stories (I still have to see that by myself), Disney Sea is more about the movies, Indiana Jones, Travel to the center of Earth... It's a bit like a travel around the world, starting in Italy, going to India or Baghdad and even under the sea.
We had a nice weather even though it was supposed to be raining, we did some attractions and some failed on us at the last minute giving us the chance to get priority tickets so that we could try them again a bit later. That was really nice.
Compared to Fuji Q highland, the roller-coaster felt very quiet but the main thing about them is the decoration all around. I think my favorite was "Travel to the center of Earth" that we almost missed. I also like Jules Vern a lot so that was maybe one of the reason why I liked it the best.
I also really liked the "Tower of fear" that was one of the coolest attractions.

Here is a little video to show you the atmosphere there.

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