Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Europe tour Interail 2006 : Back in Stockholm

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When we arrived in Stockholm, we walked from the ferry terminal vinkingterminalen to the train station to leave our bags there. Our next step will be to go back to Denmark. We passed the city center to go to the island Djurgården (animals garden). It is famous for the zoo and museum such as Biologiska Museet and Skansen, an open air museum showing a reconstitution of Sweden's olden time, Vasamuseet, a boat museum and Junibacken, Astrid Lindgren's museum. Astrid Lindgren is the famous author of Pippi Longstocking. we walked back to Gamla Stan and the train station and watched air-balloons flight from Sergelstorg square. We took the 10.30pm train for Malmö.
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Introduction 
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