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Europe tour Interail 2006 : Venezia, the water city

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The first thing that stroked me when we arrived in Venezia was the water. Of course everybody knows that the city is kind of floated and that they have basically water everywhere and you have seen pictures just like I did. But I wouldn't have imagined that going out of the train station the first thing I was going to see was water. That is one of the images that will stay engraved in my memory.
We walked around visiting the city, they don't have cars, they have boats. That's probably a reason why Venezia is famous for it's gondolas otherwise you take bridges to cross the streets. I think Venezia is a pretty unique city and I can understand now why there are so many tourist visiting it.
Venezia is also famous for the carnival in February or March and even though it wasn't the season for it we could still see a lot of shops selling masks and costumes, making me want to visit the city again during the carnival period.
We walk to Piazza San Marco from where we could see the San Giorgio Maggiore island.Walking in the city we could appreciate the diversity of the Venetian architecture, especially of Gothic style. The Venetian Gothic style has the particularity of using of the Gothic lancet arch with Byzantine and Arab influences which comes from the crossing of culture from Est and West in the 14th century. The city also have buildings of Renaissance and Baroque styles.

Of course we took pictures from Ponte di Rialto like every tourist, even though I like to see what the local people do, I also like to go into the tourist cliché as well.
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