Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Europe tour Interail 2006 : České Budějovice, a colored city

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We needed to take several trains to go from Pula to České Budějovice, we missed our train in Salzburg as one in the previous train was late. We arrived in České Budějovice in the afternoon. It is the largest city of the south Bohemian region in Czech Republic but it is still a quiet place. The houses are all very colorful which makes the city particular, it is also well know for its beer brewed since the 13th century. The city also present different type of architecture form Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance and 19th century period, and all that around the main place.
There are the ruins of a castle some 30 km south in the city of Český Krumlov but the interail pass only allows us to go to places accessible by train so we couldn't see them. That can probably be added to the long list of future destinations.
We take the train to our next destination at 1am, being alone in it allow us to get some well deserved sleep.
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