Sunday, August 1, 2010

I won JulNoWriMo, New challenge : AugNoWriMo, "Demon and fairy"

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So yesterday was the 31st of July and I won JulNoWriMo. I had about 4000 words to write on the last day. That's the first time that I have been so much behind on a writing challenge (except script frenzy). That's probably due to outdoors activities for sure but also to the fact that this story is getting crazy. I'm amazing myself at the things happening in it. Of course I had planed it. Of course I know the end already, but there always are things that are being created while writing. When I start writing I know most of the main events but linking them can be very creative and spontaneous.
I hope you will like the way things are going now.

Also today is the first of August and I'm starting a new challenge. The new writing contest is called AugNoWriMo. You are able to be choose your words goal and to you can work on an already started project. I decided to work on "Demon and fairy" and I'm hoping to finish it with 40000 words more.

Here is the last part of "Demon and Fairy" counting for JulNoWriMo.
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