Monday, July 5, 2010

Japan : しながわ水族館

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Yesterday we went to visit しながわ水族館. From 調布 we had to take 4 trains to get there, 調布 to 明大前 to 渋谷 to 品川 to 大森 and then walk a bit. We almost get lost there but that was without counting on my logical sense of where things should be located. Hum that doesn't work that well all the time but in Japan it does so far. That wasn't the more efficient way to get there probably it terms of trains transfer but that was the cheapest according to google map.

The  aquarium was pretty big, 2 floors and a open pool for dolphin and sealion shows. And also an impressive tunnel under water from which you could see giant skate, turtles and all kind of fishes. We were lucky to arrive relatively early so it wasn't very crowed when we first reached the tunnel. We also managed to have a nice view of the dolphins' show and even sits for the sealions' show. It seems that each animal has its own trainer so they learn to do different things. 
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