Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Japan : FujiQ High Land

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Last week-end we went to FujiQ High Land. That's an attraction park with several roller coaster holding different world records.
We first started slowly with the mad clock. It's not very fast but when I was upside down for the third time only hold by the harness on my shoulder I learned that I couldn't control anything and finally decided to just enjoy the feeling. In the end I find it really relaxing, not to have to do anything, just to sit there and to let the machine take you where ever it wanted.
The second one was the ええじゃないか the second え is normally written upside down and that's pretty obvious why when you know that this particular roller coaster has the record of time of putting you upside down. You start going backward don't ask me how you are because I was upside down and upside down so much (28 changes) that I really don't have a clue.
We then went to the haunted house. Not that scary for my taste, probably because we were a group of six, I'm not too sure. But one of my friend's yelling was the thing that was making me jump when I wouldn't have in the first place for sure.
We then went to a tower, it takes you up kind of slowly and then down pretty fast and up and down like oscillating. I think the thing I'll remember was my friend repeating I don't want to, I don't want to and me trying to tell him reassuringly to look at the beautiful landscape.
And then the Fujiyama. That's high, that's really really high, I was just telling repetitively "it's going up, it's going up" then it was still going up, obviously world record of height. And then it has to go down, obviously.
The third roller coaster with a world record was probably the one that was the most scary for be before I get in. It hold the record of speed 172km/h so it accelerate from 0km/h to 172km/h in 28 second. That's crazy. It's name ドドンパ and I loved it. Once you are in it is the most peaceful of all.
Then we went to something that turns and swing at the same time, I didn't realized that it was actually turning while I was in and the last one was turning around a tower, pretty scary from the ground but while you're in it was just not as fast as expected. It was just pretty cold up there.
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