Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peru : Cuzco's archeological sites

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We spend the next day sleeping, we just went out for dinner and walking was kind of painful. Funny how we always need an extremely sportive day during our holidays.
The next day we decided to go visit the different archeological sites around Cuzco. We took a bus tour for that, which is the only bus tour we had ever taken during our trip but that was still cool.
The tour started in the Inca Museum which is a colonial mansion build on the old Qorikancha Inca temple of the sun.
We then went to Sacsahuamán  the Temple of thunder which belong to UNESCO World Heritage. The guide explained us that the local theory of the construction of the temple is that the Inca moved stones from far away and where using some vegetation substance to shape the stones to have them fit perfectly. However those plants are nowhere to be found. The scientists think that the stone have never been move.
When the Spanish conquistadors arrived they thought that the temple was a fortress and decided to fight with their guns against the Inca's arrow. They obviously won and decided to show their power by forbidding to remove the corpses of the dead from where they had fallen. That's why the field is call as well, "the place where the condors are satisfied."
We then went to Pacaritambo on Tambotoco Hill, where a water for long life is always pouring. The legend says that there is a lake in the cave behind. 
We then went to Q'enco which is a sort of tomb where the Inca were proceeding to sacrifices.
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