Friday, March 19, 2010

Japan : My first (part 2)

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Here is the second part of my first times of doing something in Japan. Part 1 can be find here.

My first time skating in Japan.

The students had decided to go skating during the week-end. We took the train together for Yokahama to go to the outdoor skating ring that was open there. In Yokahama you have a sort of lake, or is it the sea, I'm not too sure, with a bridge that we crossed from the train station to the skating ring. On both side of that bridge there are Sakura tree so I would like to go back when they are blooming, that must be beautiful.
The skating rink was really crowded but we still managed to get it an have fun. I'm really happy because I didn't skate for years and I didn't fall.
We went to eat something before going back to the skating ring and I also had my first ice cream in Japan that day.

My first time at a Japanese Buddhist temple.

After my seminar, the group decided that we should go for lunch somewhere. We wanted to eat sushi but the sushi place was closed so we decided to go to the temple further away and to eat there as they have a lot of restaurants for noodles. We took the bus to get there. That wasn't my first time in a bus, just my first time in a city bus. I still don't know really how to use it, I gave the money and the driver didn't bother giving me a ticket.
There was a festival at the temple to celebrate the monk who brought Buddhism to Japan. They were selling Daruma dolls as a good luck charm.

My first time in Izakaya

My friend came from Osaka and took me for diner in Izakaya. That's a restaurant where the clients are separated in different rooms and where you can find all kind of food and drinks. That was pretty cool. I really like Japanese food. Basically since I'm here I never tried something I don't like.

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  1. Gotta love those Daruma dolls!