Friday, March 26, 2010

America : Kalamazoo

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This is a post for my travel in America for a conference in Kalamazoo that took place in July 22 to 28 2009.
After the conference I spend a week more visiting Chicago. The first post for this chapter of the travel section can be find here. During the week-end of the conference I spend my time visiting Kalamazoo and going to the festival "the taste of Kalamazoo" where I tasted delicious Malaysian food. I also visited a free museum about America in the sixties and earlier, which had some science sections where kids were doing experiments and a section about Japan.

Yes in the museum I also took the catbus and met Totoro.

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  1. That giant flower statue of Totoro is amazing!
    I want it in my house. :D You should have brought it over for me!!