Monday, January 4, 2010

Iceland : North coast

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The next day, we drive along the fjord Eyjafjörður and saw the little cities of Dalvík and Ólafsfjórður as well as the islands Mmey and Drangey in the distance.
If you want to be a "Real Icelandic Man" you have to be able to swim naked to Drangey with a torch in your hand while singing the national anthem.
In that case, I'm glad I'm not a man and I'm glad I'm not an Icelandic one :P.
we then go to Grafarós to see Grafarkirkja, a small church from the 17th century.

We stop latter in a car park area to take a walk. We wanted to see the sea but we have the chance to meet some seal as well.
We finished our day in the campsite Daeli
Tomorrow we are going the start out trip in the North-west part of Iceland, also the most isolated part of the country, the one most tourist forgot.

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