Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cooking : The sushi workshop

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It has been like forever since the last time I wrote a cooking post.
Well that one is a bit different from the others as it's not about recipe or a diet as usual but about a class.
Yesterday evening we went to my favorite Japanese restaurant in Belfast "The ginger tree" to have a sushi workshop. That was Sebastien's Christmas present. Two hours of making sushi with chef Taro explaining us everything and showing us how to roll the sushi and add the ingredient, followed buy a dinner at the end of which we could ask questions.
We also learn a bit more about Japanese sushi due to chef Taro's little quiz. Seriously if you are in Belfast don't hesitate to go for a workshop it seriously worth it.

At the end of the evening we went back home with our box of sushi each and the sushi mate we had been using. Don't they look so delicious ?

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