Thursday, December 31, 2009

Iceland : Whales, Mývatn

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After breakfast it's time to go see the whales in the Arctic ocean, I'm so excited about it. Just writing about it makes me extremely excited again.
The night before there was a big storm so the sea was far from calm.
Our boat is called Sylvía, it's not a tiny boat but compare to the blue whales we are going to see it is. We were already dressed up with three trousers and I don't remember the count of top but the crew of the boat gave us a combination to wear on the top of it.
At the begining I wasn't really sure but after receiving my first wave, I really appreciated it. I was standing at the very front of the boat, trying to see the whales despite the big waves and the water that was coming to me.
Sebastien was a bit more in the back, completely green and cold and asking me if I was ok. Bet I was, I'm front Brittany, I didn't have time to feel the cold and the watter. :D
At the end of the trip, I got a little sick, I didn't have to look for the whales anymore, that's probably why.
In the end we saw some water jet and the back of a blue whales.

After changing our wet clothes we take out leave to Mývatn. That's a lake with several interesting things to see in the neighbourhood. I had hear that the fly there were unbearable, that's part of the name, Mý means midge. But we didn't see that much of them.
There we went to the lake Víti situated in an volcano's old crater, that was kind of cool. Again we were surprised by the color of the water. There we had a bit of snow. We took a walk in the snow at Leirhnjúkur around the volcanic hills.
On the way back we stop to Hrevir, also called Námafjall. We can see smoke going out of some small rocks and even boiling mud.

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