Friday, September 25, 2009

もののけ姫 (princess Mononoke)

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もののけ姫 is an anime from Hayao Miyazaki (1997). The story is based in the late Muromachi period 室町時代 (1336 -1573).

It related the war between the God-Animal such as Moro, the mother wolf (美輪 明宏, Akihiro Miwa) or Okkoto/Okkotonushi, the chief of the wild boar (森繁久彌, Hisaya Morishige) and the human from the nearby forge leaded by Lady Eboshi (田中 裕子 Yūko Tanaka).
At the same time the emperor sends this samurai to collect the head of the forest spirit.
At the time Ashitaka (松田洋治 Yōji Matsuda) a foreigner witnesses the war and try to help both side.
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