Thursday, February 19, 2009

My weird polyphasic sleep

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I've been polyphasic for a all month now.
But in a very different way than before.
I read a lot about polyphasic sleep on the internet before started it. And I find something that most of the time said :
You need to have very regular time schedule
You can miss or even delay nap.
It's constraining.
You can't oversleep.
And I used to follow those rules, I use to constrain myself to that and to have lots of trouble with polyphasic sleep. Lots of problems to get up, lots of problem to follow the rules.

This time I'm not following rules anymore.
I have a very disorganized schedule. Let's say that if the basic schedule is 2-6-10, I miss the 10am nap, get a 2pm nap sometime, miss or delay the 6pm nap most of the time, get a 10pm nap at around 11.30pm, get my 2am nap at 3am and oversleep after 6am.
And I feel fine and amazing.
I know people who sleep all night long and are more tired than me.

I think that being polyphasic is not that much about how long you sleep at night or during the day.
It's more about what you do when you don't sleep. it having something to get up for.
I don't think scheduling is what matter the most. I think that planing what to do in between the nap to have as much fun as possible is the best way of staying polyphasic for a long time.

An other thing about polyphasic sleep was the diet problem. I'm absolutely convinced that the healthier the diet the easier it is to be polyphasic. My success at the moment is also probably due to the fact that I had a complete detox before starting. But I do eat everything I want and just get a long core nap a a nap more.

I basically just sleep when I feel like it, but a full night sleep makes me so tired :)
Get addicted to something, seriously that won't hurt.

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