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Raw food diet : calories, fat and avocado dressing

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I lost already 2 kilos on the diet. I never really cared about calories and fat in my meals before. I just used common sense I think, not to much oil, not too much sugar.
However the fruits that I'm eating now in greater quantity than before are heavy in sugar. So I wanted to see what was the quantity of calories and fat and sugar that I was actually getting out of my meal.
So here is what I ate today since breakfast and the values they approximately have, that also mostly what I eat every day on this diet:

Breakfast :
one glass orange juice (calories 56, fat 0.1 g, sugar 13.3 g)
one kiwi (calories 100, fat 1 g, sugar 16 g)

Lunch :
1.5 tomatoes (calories 4, fat 0, sugar 0.6 g)
spinach leaves (calories 7, fat 0.1 g, sugar 0.1 g)
bananavo : 1.5 bananas (calories 135, fat 0.5 g, sugar 18.5 g)
0.5 avocado (calories 184, fat 16.9 g, sugar 0.8 g)
gratted coconut (around 5g)(calories 33, fat 3.2 g, sugar 0.4 g)
20 g carrots (calories 8, fat 0 g, sugar 0.9 g)
20 g courgette (calories 3, fat 0 g, sugar 0.3 g)
10 g red pepper (calories 3, fat 0 g, sugar 0.4 g)
2 plums (calories 61, fat 0.4 g, sugar 13.1 g)

Afternoon snack:
1 plum (calories 30, fat 0.2 g, sugar 6.5 g)
1 banana (calories 90, fat 0.3 g, sugar 12.4g)
1 kiwi (calories 100, fat 1 g, sugar 16g)
7 dates (calories 164, fat 0.2 g, sugar 36.8 g)
5 dried apricot (calories 42, fat 0.1 g, sugar 9.4 g)

Dinner :
1 tomato (calories 3, fat 0, sugar 0.4 g)
40 g courgette (calories 6, fat 0 g, sugar 0.6 g)
20 g red pepper (calories 6, fat 0 g, sugar 0.8 g)
spinach leaves (calories 7, fat 0.1 g, sugar 0.1 g)

That give a total of 1042 calories, 24.1 g of fat and 147.4 g sugar
According to my age and height and weight I should be taken 1602 calories a day.
This diet is in fact low in calories and in fat. Most of my calories are not taking from fat. That's interesting.
I should maybe eat a bit more, I'll maybe have a fruit snack later.

Here is the recipe of the avocado dressing on the picture above.

What you need :

1 avocado
some spinach leaves
few slice of red chili
a bit of red pepper

Preparation :

mix everything

I had that for breakfast on Saturday morning as I was carving something salty.

For the dinner I had the fruits on the other picture.
Banana and peach with curry power on the top.
In the bowl you can see coconut milk, a sip of peach juice, curry and cinnamon powder.
I tried it later with more different fruits, that was delicious !!!

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