Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chinese Knot 中國结: Good Luck Knot 吉祥结.

En français

I want to share with you my new hobby that I discover not to long ago that is Chinese Knot 中國结 (Zhōngguó jié).
These is as far as I know now 12 basic types of Chinese Knot. More complicated shape are obtained by combining them.
Here I have made a Good Luck Knot 吉祥结 (jí xiáng jié).
I tried to describe the step to make it.

a) place the string in the shape on figure a
b) place the two ends of the rope number 1 on the top of number 2 as shown on figure b
c) place the loop number 2 on the top of 1 and 3
d) place the loop number 3 on the top of 2 and 4
e) place the loop number 4 on the top of 3 and 1 and under the other part of 1 and pull all ends.
f) tight slightly the knot
g) start again for b repeat c,d and e but turning in the opposite directing
h) tight slightly the knot
i) find the little ring between the loop and extent them by adjusting the length of the different loops.

I would like to try more complicated things in the future. Of course I will share them on the blog.


  1. it's funny that my coworker just taught me how to make a keyring few week ago by simply just use that good luck knot only. It's a cross though. By the way, I am tring to knit a heart today. I tried few hours, but I didn't make it. I got the pictures show you how to do it, but...I couln't make it as a heart. XD

  2. Sunday is Chinese new year, happy new year and had the nice of year for you.

  3. I know about Chinese new year we had a party with friends yesterday evening and we'll also go to the restaurant tomorrow evening.
    新年快樂 to you.