Monday, October 6, 2008

엠 (M)

En français
(M) is a strange Korean movie by 이명세 Lee Myeong-se (2007) who also realized 형사.

A young writer Min-woo (
강동원) has problems to write his new novel. On the other hand, he also has problems with his fiancée. In fact, he is in love with someone else (이연희) . The main issue is that he doesn't know her, he doesn't even know if she is real, a dream, a part of his past, an hallucination.... His only option is to look for her.

This movie has a lot of artistic features and I really like the way the light is used.
Of course
강동원 is as good as usual. I spend the first part of the movie trying to figure out a rational way of understanding it, before I realize it was useless and just enjoy it.
I really need to see that movie again. That's a great movie.
More information and download can be found on cHinKy's mOviE sPoiLer.

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  1. Ooh~ I wanna see this, but I will have to wait until the weekend T.T

  2. Are you a Kang Dong Won fan as well ?