Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Japanese project : Third part of Heisig's book

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I haven't written anything on this project for two weeks, sorry about that but it's because I had nothing very interesting to say.
Now I know more than the third of the book, around 800 kanjis. So if I keep up with 100 kanjis a day I should have a all week for reviewing before going on holidays. I'm really doing fine. I didn't think that it would be so simple, I tried the prehistorical method first when I was taking Chinese classes.
So 800 kanjis mean that I have been for a bit of time now in the third part of the book. That's also mean no more already fabricated stories. But that's not supposed to mean that it's more difficult, at the contrary I find it easier.
Of course you have to work a bit more on each character because you have to create your own story. But I find my own stories easier to remember.
Just one think, don't forget to write your story down. It will help you to review, especially that thinks will get more complicated if you change story each time you forgot a character and the time you used to create the story will be lost.
However, you still can change your story if you have problems to remember the kanji. It is possible that it's not vivid enough.

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